Services and Times

Sat. Eve. 6:30
Sun. AM 10:00
Children's SS 10:00 am Oct. thru May
Prayer time Tue Eve 6:30
Youth Ministry capabilities available according to need
Small group capabilities available according to need


Rt. 11 S from Polkville to Rt. 392 W
Rt. 392 W to Parker St.
Left on Parker St
Rt. 215 S from Cortland to 392 E
Rt. 392 E to Parker St
Right on Parker St
Church at the corner of Parker St. and Valentine Hill

Lapeer Family Life

2013-2014 SS Year Program: Athens Paul’s Missionary Journey

Some characters along the way

I can’t hear you

Busy hands

Some inside fun

Timeout for some crafts

They make their parents proud

2014-2015 SS Year Program International Spy Academy (Agents for the one true God)

Three Spy Bosses

The Assistants

Spies in training

Fun time 1

Fun Time 2

Special Agent 1

Special Agent 2

Special Agent 3

Special Agent 4

Special Agent 5

Special Agent 6

Special Agent 7

Special Agent 8

Special Agent 9

Special Agent 10

Special Agent 11

Special Agent 12

Special Agent 13

2016 -2017 SS Adventure (Cave Quest)

Cave Quest Craft

Story Time

Getting directions

Time out for some craft fun

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