Services and Times

Sat. Eve. 6:30
Sun. AM 10:00
Children's SS 10:00 am Oct. thru May
Prayer time Tue Eve 6:30
Youth Ministry capabilities available according to need
Small group capabilities available according to need


Rt. 11 S from Polkville to Rt. 392 W
Rt. 392 W to Parker St.
Left on Parker St
Rt. 215 S from Cortland to 392 E
Rt. 392 E to Parker St
Right on Parker St
Church at the corner of Parker St. and Valentine Hill

Our Expansion Project

The neighbor’s farm that surrounds our corner lot

The church’s neighborhood

Our churches mission

The outside prior to the upcoming expansion

The inside prior to upcoming expansion

The pay as we go expansion is underway

We all need a good foundation

The pillars are in place

The walls are going up

A windless day miracle in Lapeer as they get ready to set the rafters

Thus far and still not even a breeze. Thank you Lord!

Beginning to put the lid on

The lid is almost on

Phase 1 of 3 almost done

Phase 1 Completed

The entrance into Phase 2

Inside progress on Phase 2 “combined worship and fellowship area”

Picture 1 of the new tools area

Picture 2 Part of the work area

The next pictures show what happens when the Lord finished blessing phase two. They are in no special order but still a visual testimony to the Lord.

The kitchen is done

The doors separating the kitchen from the main sanctuary

The audio/visual control area.

View # 1 of platform area

View # 2 of the platform area

One more

Platform Furniture

Looking the other way

Again a testimony to God’s oversight of this project. This far and NO debt!! Thank you Dear Father!!

Some pictures of the third phase completed and still more praises, this phase is also debt free. Thank you again Dear Father for your faithfulness!!

Still using some of the old but newly refreshed

Finally a fully assessable bathroom for family and friends

A fully assessable classroom

The New Hallway

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